The company received 125 entries, according to its manager, Terry Lawler, the former Executive Director of New York Women in Film & Television…The initial pool of entries were culled down to a shortlist of 15 finalists. What made 6:18 to Omaha stand out? “What we were looking for was story,” says [Director Dana] Offenbach. “A big impact in a few pages. And it’s a strong, character-driven piece that works in an economical format, meaning we can shoot it quickly and with a lean crew… ensuring it gets made in a way that does Leah’s screenplay justice.”

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Leah Curney, the actress, blew us away. She was believable as a new mom, had great comedic timing, and had the voice to carry the musical numbers.

– Naama Bloom, Founder and CEO, HelloFlo

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It is Leah Curney who commands the stage as the erratic Mary Lincoln (née Todd). Her tart tongue and quick retorts get the most laughs and Ms. Curney fully embodies the contradictory nature of her character…She is by turns charming and cutting, cordial and cunning, jealous and supportive. The scene where she mocks Lincoln’s sentimentality for a maudlin love song perfectly encapsulates her prickliness – and is a standout moment.

– Charles C. Bales,

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As the spurned, abused Ophelia, who goes mad, Curney does an altogether dazzling extension of her soul. She makes herself totally available to her character in the crucial mad scene, going out on limbs so flimsy that they cannot support her weight. Then she dangles there with brittleness and brilliance.

- Rohan Preston, Minneapolis Star Tribune

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Actress Leah Curney accomplishes wonders with relatively little. When, late in the play, Honey’s facade momentarily crumbles, Curney reveals a woman who is both more mean-spirited and far more interesting than the audience had suspected.

- Mary Carole McCauley, The Baltimore Sun

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The play’s center…is richly rewarding, thanks to Leah Curney’s lively, intelligent Elizabeth, who tells her own story so well that we rejoice in its happy outcome.

- Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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Praise for Hear My Song: A Modern Day Musical Fable

Written & performed by Leah Curney

This show was fantastic in every way: so much fun, fantastic singing, heartfelt and hilarious.

– Valerie Paik, Business Development Project Manager of TAG Online
The show was one of the best things we’ve seen. Hilarious and uplifting. We felt great walking out of the theater and for the rest of the night!

- Joe Sorrentino, Lawyer, & Candace Banks, Fashion Professional

Hear My Song
Wow. Really and truly: Wow. When the lights came up at the end of the show, I looked around the audience and saw so many faces with that blown-away look…So much laughter, so many heartfelt moments, such incredible talent, and so much inspiration. You HAVE to do this show again.

– Cheryl Binnie, Web Copywriter,
Incredible and truly touching. A remarkable piece of theater that is so inspiring!

- Summer S., Actress & Yoga Instructor